Cash For Cars Portland – We Pay The Most Cash Every time

If you are looking to get the most cash for your car in Portland, then we are the people to call. We pay a higher price for your vehicle then anyone in the Northwest. We have been in the business for a long time now. Our tow trucks are more high tech then anyone also. We safely get your car removed from whatever corner you have it tucked into.

Give us a call, give us the vehicle address, we will be there within hours with payment for you, and then we will head out on our way. We make it so easy on you, and do it all with a smile. You have two different options when calling us here about selling your car for cash. You can either do it all right now online by filling out this online form, or you can call us on the phone and we will answer and get you started right now.

Cash For Junk Cars Portland

We Pay The Most Cash For Your Car Around Portland

The amount of money that we will offer you is based on multiple factors.

  • Type of car
  • Year of car
  • Damage on car
  • Location of vehicle

Those are pretty much the main factors that go into figuring the amount of money that we can offer you. The farther you are, the more it costs for towing. So we have to base our final quote off of that also. We do not charge you for the tow though…but sometimes it can affect our final quote price by a small margin.

Be careful of other companies. When you call they will give you one price, but then they will give you a different price once they have the car hooked up. They know that most people wont demand that they unhook their car, so they take the lower price. The other companies do sneaky tricks. Some will tell you that the catalytic converter is missing, and then drop the price $100 bucks! They know that most people don’t even know what that is, and they know that most people wont crawl underneath the dirty car to look. So you need to watch out for these sneaky underhanded tricks.

I know it sounds like we are bad mouthing the other companies, but we are only giving you the truth. When you call us, you don’t need to worry about getting scammed. The price that we tell you that we will pay, is exactly what we are going to pay you. We pride ourselves in being the most honest business in the industry. We want you to be happy, we like to sleep at night.

So call us today to find out how much cash you can get today by selling us your car. We take care of you same day. We love and appreciate our customers.