There once was a car

Shiny and new

Bought off the lot

By a man in a suit

The paint job was sweet

No scratches or dings

And the horn from the wheel

Would practically sing

The engine just purred

Each time the key turned

It was not long before

The man called it “his girl”

Granted, “she” was a car

Still a cause for much strife

When a man treats “her” better

Than he does his own wife

He washed and he waxed her

Buffed her and kissed her

He would park far away

Just so no one could harm her

His kids went without sneakers

In favor of speakers

Though freshly fallen snow

Signaled the beginning of winter

“You always put ‘her’ first”

His wife would complain

“You don’t even see me anymore”

She would say

One day the man stirred

To a sound that he feared

The crashing glass and wheezing air

Of all that he held dear

A biting note taped to her door

The only part of her left untouched

Read, “though I’m gone

I’m sure you’ll think that ‘she’ was the only thing you lost”

Now “she” the junk car

Sits in his yard as a memento of his loss

As all the memories of wasted years

Are quickly recycled like worthless dross

And he remembers her charms

Smiles at her graceful stance

The bat held firmly in hand

The day she left without so much as a glance

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