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You may be one of those thousands in Clackamas, Oregon who have cars in their garages that only take up a lot of space.  Cars reach a certain age wherein they could not be that useful anymore and only take up space in your area.  This is certainly not a great thing, especially when you want to make use of that space for something more important than a run-down vehicle.  Your main course of action would be to do any of the following:

1)      Leave the car be and let it take up the much-needed space.

2)      Take it or call the nearest scrap car company.

3)      Call the car crushers to take your car away.

4)      Put up your car for sale.

Any of these actions have their own ups and downs.


When you call any company that specializes in junk car removal, you will be freeing the space where your car was before.  But then, are you sure that the company you hired is the best one there is?  There have been a lot of Clackamas scrap car companies that wish to get your car for the lowest price possible instead of giving you the correct amount. There are also companies that are not even licensed to operate but continue to do so. You might end up with the police tailing you because the car that you sold in the past was actually used to do some shady activities.


In terms of calling the car crushers, you could also get a decent price for your car. But then, you might also end up in a bad situation as many of these companies actually do not hand in the paperwork to the necessary people. Instead of simply dealing with the disposal of your car, you could even have more problems when your title is not released.  You could end up paying more instead of earning money for selling your car.


When you put up your car for sale, there will also be a lot of opportunistic people lurking around, be it on the internet or in your area.  Many will try to contact you and try to ask you for the price of your car.  There are also some who would try to set up dates when they would visit you and check on the condition of your car.  These would be the ones who would usually haggle for the price, something that is lower than what was agreed to on the phone.  This is very difficult for you, which is why you need experts to handle the job.


Our company has been considered one of the best when it comes to handling scrap cars because we give you results.  We have been serving a lot of clients over the years and all of them are happy with our services.  We are fully insured and we have the legal documents to back us up.  Feel free to contact us and ask for a quotation for your car.  If you have any questions, you can also email us.  Contact us today!