Where to Junk A Car Portland


Looking for an awesome place that will come to your house and pay you cash for your junk car? Do you live in Portland! Viola! We are it! Roses are gorgeous flowers, and gardeners can never seem to get enough of them. Not only are roses a beloved flower; they are also the source of many statements that make up part of American culture: “Life is not a bed of roses”; “roses are red, violets are blue”; Shakespeare’s line that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”; Martin McBride’s rendition of “I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden”; “you will come out smelling like a rose,” and others. And who could forget the famous saying that “it’s time to wake up and smell the roses”?

Where to junk a car Portland

We Pay More Cash Than Anyone For Junk Cars


Here at Junk Car Portland, we’re all about “smelling the roses.” We believe that to enjoy the fruit of one’s labor is what life is all about. Sadly enough, many are not taking advantage of what life has to offer them—particularly in the area of junk cars.


Junk Car Portland specializes in junk cars. They have been a part of our identity, from long ago. We grew up learning about the junk car business and what it entails. We’ve had the years of experience to know what we’re doing. We’ve even made some mistakes along the way that have helped build our knowledge and made us stronger. And we offer that expertise to you. Where to junk a car? Then look no further.


Let me ask you something: if you were looking for a rose bed, would you go to the swamp? No; roses don’t grow there. Would you find them in the city sewer? No; nothing can grow there. Would you look in a thicket of weeds? No; weeds could choke the rose and kill it. You wouldn’t look for roses in a place where it makes no sense for roses to grow.


But have you been doing this with junk cars? Have you been going to places to buy and/or sell junk cars and found the deals lacking? If you have, perhaps you’ve been going to the wrong places and making the wrong deals with the wrong people. Have no fear, however: the time is ripe for you to come to Junk Car Portland.


Where do you go to junk a car? Would you go to the car shop? No; their job is to fix up cars, not junk them; would you go to car dealership? Not unless the car dealership wanted your junk car! Chances are, if you want to give up a junk car for cash, you will not go to places where cars are fixed and not junked. You will go to a place where junk cars are being given in exchange for cash.


Of all the places out there, we know where you should go to junk a car: you should come see us. Here at Junk Car Portland, we sell and buy junk cars for cash. We’re willing to give you what you want so you can give us what we want (junk cars). We want everyone to walk away from the process happy and having had a measure of success. That’s what we do here at Junk Car Portland. The next time you’re in the Portland area, you know where to junk your car. Junk Car Portland—the business that believes in “smelling the roses.”


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