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You have found Junk Car Portland where we pay the most cash for cars. We have a “MOST MONEY GUARANTEE” for junk cars. So you don’t have to worry about calling other companies to get the most cash. Our towing is free and we always provide free junk car removal. You don’t have to worry about hidden fees. OUR QUOTES ARE GUARANTEED so you don’t have to worry about us lowering it once we show up (unlike most cash for car companies). You can sell a car in Portland within hours from now. Its that easy!

So here’s the situation! You have a car that has become a big pain in your butt. Maybe it’s broke down on the side of the road, sitting at your parents/friends house, or is at the shop and the repair bill just isn’t worth fixing it. The junk car might be in Portland, Vancouver Wa, Gresham, Beaverton, Clackamas, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, or even Camas Wa

You can try to sell your car in the Oregon and Washington papers, or on the web…but you will have to deal with tons of calls from shady people that just waste your time. The ones that do come by to look at the vehicle just kick the tires and haggle you down in price, while making you feel dumb that you are even trying to sell it.

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Junk Car Portland Cash For Cars

Junk Car Portland pays the most cash for junk cars in Portland, Oregon & Vancouver, Wa

You decide you want to sell it…so you put it for sale in the Portland or Vancouver paper or on the web. You get tons of calls from shady people around Washington and Oregon that ask a lot of pointless questions and promise to stop by to look at it. Very few actually come by when they say they will, and the ones that do show up just try to haggle you down or make you feel dumb for the price that you were asking for it.

Plus there’s always another crazy news story about someone getting robbed from Craigslist. So who wants random strangers coming over to their house anyway?

So then you hear about these random “cash for car” companies.

You call around for the highest price, and then they show up to your house and try to give you much less than what was agreed upon over the phone. They lie to you on how much they will pay you just so you will stop calling around. This is a common tactic that most car buying business’s use.

Most “cash for junk car” companies are unlicensed and illegal. So later you end up with parking tickets, car accidents, and even crimes committed with your vehicle. Don’t risk having police, and lawyers knocking on your door about a car you sold months, or even years ago.

It’s time to trash this nightmare, and start doing business with people that you can trust. Stop worrying about “How will I sell my car in Portland?”

You can literally sell that car today to a licensed, insured, bonded and legal company!

Give us a call and we will give you a fast “cash for car” quote on how much we will pay you for it. If you agree, we will send a free tow truck to come and pick it up, pay you the exact amount that we agreed over the phone, and tow it away. We take care of everything for you…even the PAPERWORK!

So don’t stress. Just call or fill out an online quote and we will take care of the rest. Junk Car Removal is always free!

It is the easiest way to sell a car in Portland. Sell your wrecked, old, scrap car and get cash for clunkers in Portland today.

Contact Junk Car Portland Now!  We are now merging with the Junk Car Boys for our Junk Car Portland – Cash For Cars subsidiary.  We are also merging with their Vancouver Wa Cash For Cars Company.


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